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Expert Guidance

Every successful startup or SME is led by a visionary navigating the complexities of growth. Enhance your vision with the expertise of someone who’s been there and knows the shortcuts. My fractional services offer strategic consulting, marketing strategy, entrepreneurial advice, and growth execution. Transform your vision into reality, faster and with greater certainty.

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Accelerate your business with Strategic Partnership Development, Digital Marketing Strategy, and Sales Enablement. My comprehensive approach identifies growth opportunities, optimizes digital presence, and equips your sales teams with the tools they need to succeed.


Elevate your brand with expert Graphic Design, Website Creation, and Event Planning. I craft visually compelling designs, develop user-friendly websites, and plan impactful events to strengthen your brand identity and engage your audience.


Cultivate a culture of innovation through Customer & Partner Enablement, Systems & Process Optimization, and Guidance & Mentorship. My solutions empower your team, streamline operations, and provide the mentorship needed to drive continuous improvement.

Give Linh any project or problem and watch her shine. When you tell someone you’re partnering with Linh, the immediate reaction is always, "You're so lucky; she's the best." - and it's true. Linh is one of a kind.

One of Linh's unique talents is her ability to seamlessly transition between high-level strategic thinking and the finer details of a project. This skill ensures she consistently delivers results and value for her team and the business. In addition to being talented, she is one of the most genuine individuals I've partnered with. Her optimism and focus on humanity shine through in all her interactions. Linh’s super power is her ability to connect with anyone she encounters, which translates into effective collaboration and communication, ultimately creating stronger results for the business. If you’re looking for a dedicated, talented, and empathetic professional to lead a team or solve a challenge, look no further.

Jenny Sowyrda
Manager of Community Strategy and Operations, HubSpot

Jenny Sowyrda


How Do I Start Working With You?

Starting your journey with me is simple. Begin by scheduling a complimentary consultation through this Schedule a Consultation link. During this initial meeting, we'll discuss your business goals, current challenges, and explore how I can help you achieve remarkable growth.

What's the difference: fractional executive vs. consultant?

As a Fractional Executive and Consultant, I will be actively engaged in the daily operations and strategic decision-making of the company. Both roles can be performed on a part-time, interim, or contract basis, but they differ mainly in duration.

Fractional Executive engagements usually span a minimum of 6 months and can extend beyond a year. In contrast, Consulting engagements are typically short-term and project-specific.

Do you offer advisory services?

Absolutely. As an Advisor, I provide an independent perspective and leverage my specialized knowledge to deliver strategic insights. My Advisory Services does not get involved with the daily management of the company but focuses on providing oversight, governance, and strategic guidance. This approach helps businesses navigate complex challenges, optimize their operations, and achieve long-term goals through informed decision-making and comprehensive support. Learn how I'm an Advisor for Texas A&M University's Digital Marketing Program.

Devyn Bellamy

You know those people who keep pulling skills and talents out of their sleeves like magicians? Yeah, that's Linh. If she doesn't know how to do it - which I still have yet to witness - she's got someone who does. My favorite superpower of hers is process and stakeholder management. Yes, I know those are technically two different skills, but I don't know many people who can create a plan from scratch, then communicate it to the people who have no idea what is going on in a way that makes sense.

Like, I am literally looking at one of her docs for a project she handed off, and it is so clear and concise, I know exactly what I need to do. Keep in mind, she wrote this MONTHS ago, and I know what I need to do next week. Who does that? I can't do that. I am good at a lot of stuff, but yeah, she is great at so much more.

"Hilariously underutilized" is a term that may or may not be thrown around these days, but it is the best way to describe my time with Linh. Give her a problem, give her a team, and watch the magic happen.

Devyn Bellamy
TEDx Speaker

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